BTS Jimin’s True Personality Reflects In His Behavior Towards A Dancer At “Music Bank”

He really is a person in Korea, in the city of Seoul, who understands *everyone* 🥺.

Every time anyone recalls their encounter with any BTS member, their humility gets mentioned without fail. Jimin is arguably one of the kindest and most softhearted people in the group, and he recently proved it at Music Bank.

The singer is scheduled to appear on the KBS music show next week, and he did the pre-recording for it on March 24 with a limited audience. He recorded two songs, “Set Me Free Pt 2” and “Like Crazy.” Though most fans have to wait for a few days before seeing those, the people present in the audience enthusiastically shared their experiences in detail to make the wait less excruciating.

One such audience member shared an off-camera anecdote about Jimin’s behavior towards a dancer. While recording “Like Crazy,” they were supposed to wrap it up after four takes, but in the end, they had to redo it because a dancer made a small mistake. Apparently, they bumped into a camera mid-choreography, and the taping had to be stopped immediately.

The OP (original poster) said that the dancer was visibly flustered at this mistake, but Jimin came to their rescue, telling them it was no big deal and patting them on the back to comfort them. To make the situation light, he said the delay in filming meant that he could spend even more time with ARMYs, and the audience happily agreed. After ensuring the camera was okay, he joked, saying they saved money.

The story has pulled all the heartstrings of ARMYs, proving to them once again that Jimin is truly the most kindhearted person ever.

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