BTS’s “Good Boy” V And “Bad Boy” Jimin Steal Hearts At Gimpo Airport

They left for Japan rocking two very different aesthetics.

Good boy or bad boy? Why choose when BTS is serving looks of every flavor!


On December 13, BTS arrived at Gimpo International Airport to fly to their “Magic Shop” fan meeting in Japan. All the members looked fantastic, but the contrast between V and Jimin‘s fashion is especially striking.


V brought the studious “boy next door” aesthetic with his round glasses, frayed, denim jacket, cross bag, beige slacks, and slip-on loafers.


Jimin, on the other hand, was a rebel with a cause in his classic biker jacket, black cap, black backpack, black everything…


…except for his sunglasses and his heart. They’re both gold!


Each look has its own charms and fans are, unsurprisingly, falling for both. How can they not?


Like Jimin, Jungkook went to the dark side at Gimpo Airport. Here’s where to buy his boots, according to Jin!

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