BTS’s Jimin And V’s Attitude To Staff While Preparing For The 2022 GRAMMYs Showcase Their True Personalities

Jimin and V continue to make ARMYs proud!

Although the members of BTS might be world-famous idols and have performed in some of the biggest arenas in the world, they continue to showcase that fame hasn’t changed them. It seems like no matter where they go, BTS are constantly praised for their kind and caring personalities.

Two members who recently showcased their true personalities in some behind-the-scenes footage are BTS’s V and Jimin.

BTS’s V (left) and Jimin (right)

Jimin and V might be two of the youngest members in the group (along with maknae Jungkook), but they never fail to make an impression whether they are on stage performing or interacting with people.

BTS’s V was praised for his manners at the White House 
BTS’s Jimin was praised for his manners at the White House 

BTS recently released behind-the-scenes footage from when the group was rehearsing for their epic performance of “Butter” at the 2022 GRAMMYs. Although it was less than an easy journey, with two of the members catching COVID-19 so close to the event, the members performed perfectly.

BTS’s “GRAMMYs” performance | Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/YouTube
| Recording Academy / GRAMMYs/YouTube 

Ahead of the performance, the members headed to Las Vegas to practice the stage without Jungkook and J-Hope. From the minute they arrived, the members were true professionals as leader RM was seen greeting all the dancers who were working with them.

In particular, Jimin explained that he’d been saying hello to everyone he was in contact with. Yet, he shared that although he said it, most of them didn’t speak Korean, so they didn’t respond.

I’ve been saying hello to everyone but I don’t think anyone heard me. I said hello in Korean but maybe they don’t understand [The dancers didn’t respond to his Korean].

— Jimin

Yet, despite this, Suga made sure that his younger brother didn’t take it to heart, adding, “They probably didn’t realize.” He then added that, even with the language barriers, he wasn’t going to let it bother him too much.

I said ‘Hello,’ but they all just walked by. Still, thank you.

— Jimin

The members then continued with days of rehearsals and it would have been a stressful and energy-consuming time not just for the members but for everyone they were working with, including the staff and backup dancers.


During the final rehearsals, all of the members finished up their preparations.

Yet, before they left, all of the members made sure to thank the staff and everyone that was involved in the rehearsals. In particular, member V was seen standing in the center and ensuring that he thanked everyone and praised them for all their hard work.

Even while Jimin was getting his microphone fixed, he ensured to thank everyone and politely bowed to them all before the rehearsals ended.

When the event ended, a lot of ARMYs were disappointed that the group didn’t win an award.

However, the group made sure that fans didn’t feel disheartened and continued to showcase their true personalities as they praised and thanked ARMYs for all their support and cheers. Jimin even added, “This was a great experience, thank you.”

Jimin and V might be two of the youngest but they continue to show how caring and grateful they are to everyone around them. Whether it’s staff or fans, the duo never misses a moment to thank people and share their gratitude.

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