BTS’s Maknae Line’s Actions At The White House Showcase Their True Personality

They might be the youngest, but they shined!

When it comes to BTS, although they are extremely talented and handsome, the group has also always been praised for their charming personalities. Whether they’re at a big event, performing on stage, or just taking some time out, the members always gain attention for their impeccable manners.

Recently, three members of BTS particularly caught the attention of netizens for showcasing their true personalities, and it’s none other than Jimin, V, and Jungkook, known as the maknae line.

(left to right) BTS’s V, Jimin, and Jungkook | BTS/Facebook

BTS recently took the world by storm when they traveled to America to meet President Joe Biden at the White House to discuss various topics related to Asian hate. As expected, they eloquently expressed the importance of the topic and their hopes and desires for the future.

BTS with President Joe Biden | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

Although all the members shined, the youngest members particularly seemed to catch the attention of ARMY with their actions and manners.

When it came to member Jimin, the idol immediately captured the attention of the media from the minute he walked on stage.

| The White House/YouTube 

Yet, it was his actions as he walked off the stage that really caught the attention of netizens. As Jimin was leaving the stage, the idol bowed to the press on his way out, but it was the fact that he especially put one arm across his body before bowing. For many, it showcased respect and portrayed how humble Jimin was at the opportunity.

| The White House/YouTube

During the speech, V always made sure to showcase how humble he felt about the experience. In the past, V is known to put his hand on his chest whenever he is thankful or appreciative for something.

Both during and after his speech, ARMY noticed that V made the same gesture.

| The White House/YouTube

Even though Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, he has always gained praise for his mannerisms. From the moment he arrived at Incheon Airport to go to America, he continued to show respect to the media and ARMY who went to wish him well.

BTS’s Jungkoom gained praise for his manners at Incheon Airport on May 28

Similarly, at the White House, Jungkook made sure to show his respect when meeting Joe Biden. Jungkook has always made headlines for his bowing, and this was no exception. As the idols made their way to meet Biden, Jungkook was seen constantly bowing as they walked across the lawn.

| @POTUS/Twitter 

During the speech itself, when the members were speaking, Jungkook always made sure 100% of his attention was on the group and he couldn’t have looked more proud.

| The White House/YouTube
| The White House/YouTube 

Once again, BTS has proved just how humble they are as idols, despite their huge fame and global popularity. It isn’t surprising why netizens love them so much because they are still the same idols who debuted back in 2013.

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Source: The White House/YouTube

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