BTS’s J-Hope Proves He Doesn’t Need “Permission To Dance,” Even At the White House

J-Hope’s fun personality shined!

On May 31, BTS proved their global influence after they attended a meeting with President Joe Biden at the White House. As expected, whether it was speaking at the Press Briefing or meeting the President himself, the group gained praise worldwide for their attitude.

BTS at the White House with President Joe Biden | @bts_bighit/Twitter

One person who caught the attention of ARMY for being his usual “Happy Virus” self was none other than J-Hope. Since debuting, the idol has gained a reputation for always being so energetic and making the people around him feel happy, and it seems like the White House was no exception.

BTS’s J-Hope

From the minute J-Hope stepped into the briefing room, the idol had the biggest smile on his face that managed to brighten up the room, along with the other members. Even as Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre started speaking, he was also interactive and responded to her words with his expressions.

Even though J-Hope always radiated pure joy, a few key moments stood out to fans that really showcased the idol’s true personality.

The group might have been at the White House, but that didn’t mean that J-Hope was going to bring his inner idol to the briefing. During the meeting, while the speech was going on, J-Hope couldn’t resist hitting the “Woah” and having a little dance.

Of course, it probably isn’t every day that someone in the White House decides to dance during a press briefing. It meant that ARMY couldn’t get enough of BTS’s resident “Happy Virus,” bringing his own personality.

Yet, it wasn’t the only time that J-Hope captured the hearts of netizens worldwide during the group’s trip to the White House. J-Hope is one of the biggest supporters of his members and, whether it’s on Instagram or on stage, will always showcase his love for the group.

In particular, one moment that caught the attention of netizens was before the oldest member Jin went to speak. When he was introduced, J-Hope was seen giving his hyung a little tap on the bum in encouragement.

He continued to shine throughout the briefing with his huge smile never leaving his face while the members spoke. J-Hope also made an impact with his own speech. He said, “We are here today thanks to our ARMY, our fans worldwide, who have different nationalities, and cultures, and use different languages. We are truly and always grateful.”

Even as they were leaving, J-Hope continued to be a ray of sunshine as he showed support for a reporter who shouted “Fighting” as the members walked out of the room.

Eventually, the members finished the briefing and went to meet President Biden. In some footage released by the White House, J-Hope was seen having the brightest smile as the group walked toward the President.

| @POTUS/Twitter 

No matter where J-Hope is, he continues to showcase his shining personality while remaining respectful. Although the White House is the center of politics and serious topics, BTS brought some sunshine at the same time as focusing on important matters related to Asian hate crimes.

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Source: The White House/YouTube

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