BTS’s V And Jimin Hint At Enlistment While Revealing Plans For Rest Of 2023

They implied they will leave before year end.

Recently, BTS’s V held his first fanmeeting as a soloist, (V)ICNIC, at Kyunghee University’s Peace Amphitheater.

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/X

Although it was V’s solo fanmeeting, he surprised ARMYs with a surprise guest. It was none other than his “soulmate,” fellow BTS member, Jimin!

During the fanmeeting, the two performed their sub-unit song “Friends,” played games with ARMYs, and celebrated Jimin’s birthday. It was indeed a memorable time for everyone!

Yet, V might have also revealed his and Jimin’s future plans.

V shared that he plans to appear on the variety show Running Man with Jimin before the year is over. Considering only a couple more months are left in 2023, it sounds like it’ll be soon. ARMYs are interpreting that they plan to do this ahead of enlistment.

I’ll go on Running Man with Jimin! We will go on the show before this year ends.

— V

Previously, the eldest BTS members, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, enlisted.

Read more about Jimin’s time at V’s fanmeeting below.

BTS’s Jimin Surprises ARMYs At V’s Solo Fanmeeting