Jimin Joins V’s “Baby ARMY” Club, Watching BTS Compilation Videos

They’re true ARMYs.

What does Jimin watch in his spare time? ARMY content, apparently!

Jimin | @bts_twt/Twitter

On Weverse, V revealed that he enjoys watching ARMY’s compilation videos, including the popular “try not to laugh challenges,” which splice together funny BTS clips.

V | HYBE/Naver

Do you know those BTS try not to laugh challenges?

They’re funny.

— V

Many ARMYs begin their fandom journeys by watching fan-made videos, diving deeper down the rabbit hole with each click. As such, some fans decided that V is in his “baby ARMY” stage of becoming a BTS stan.

Today, RM revealed that V isn’t the only BTS member who loves ARMY content. When a fan wrote about how they like watching RM compilation videos, RM wanted to know which videos they were talking about.

Jimin (left) and RM (right) | @bts_twt/Twitter

“Jimin said he fell backward laughing at a funny compilation video of me,” RM wrote in the comments. “Is it that one?”


RM also revealed that there was a time when he thought about becoming a comedian. Why? Because gagmen are cool!


No, but I’m funny?

For a little while, I wanted to become a comedian because they seemed so cool.

— RM

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