BTS’s RM Reacts To ARMY Bringing Back His Sailor Moon Cosplay

“Sailor Namjoon” is back.

ARMY’s love for BTS is forever, and unfortunately for RM, so is the internet!


Let’s take a trip back in time to 2013, the year BTS’s first-ever reality show, Rookie King, aired. Most veteran fans will remember the show’s iconic elevator prankSuga‘s “hip-hop is dead,” maid outfit, and of course, “Sailor Namjoon.”

RM received this penalty during Episode 7 of Rookie King. Rather than being embarrassed about it, RM embraced his inner Sailor Scout and scarred his horrified members for life.

Since then, Sailor Namjoon has occasionally popped up on variety shows and social media, and  RM came face to face with his alter ego again on Weverse.

RM on Problematic Men

Today, a fan posted Sailor Namjoon fan art, probably not expecting RM to see it. Unfortunately, for both of them — he did!

| Weverse

In the comments, RM wrote, “Ah, this is a little….” because what else could he say? We can practically feel him cringing through the screen…

| Weverse

…and we’re loving it. Let’s all give that talented ARMY-artist a round of applause for their fantastic throwback!

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