BTS’s Jimin Is Going Viral For His “Savage” Response To An ARMY’s Marriage Proposal During A Video Call

The ARMY asked not once… but twice!

Idols don’t often get the chance to interact with fans directly, but fansign events and fancalls have been the perfect solution. However, sometimes fans’ requests and conversations can be cringy, with the idols reacting in the best ways.

Recently, BTS‘s Jimin went viral for his savage response to an ARMY’s marriage proposal.

BTS’s Jimin | @j.m/Instagram

During his recent live broadcasts, Jimin has been greeting the “wives” of his members every time they comment, even adding, “How many wives do our members have?”

| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse   

Well, it seems like a different game when he’s receiving the marriage proposals. On March 30 (KST), lucky ARMYs got to chat with the idol after winning a raffle.

The announcement for Jimin’s video call fansign | Weverse

Amongst all the jealous ARMYs watching the interactions with Jimin, one stood out and has gone viral almost overnight, with hundreds of thousands of views from fans worldwide.

During the video call, the ARMY said she was going to do an acrostic poem with the phrase, “MaMe,” and Jimin started them off going, “‘MaMe’ acrostic poem, MA!”

| @KACON_jin/Twitter 

With the first sound, the ARMY decided to try her luck by saying, “MArry ME, Jimin oppa~!!” doing both sounds in one shot while giving the idol a marriage proposal.

| @KACON_jin/Twitter

Yet, rather than answer the marriage proposal, ARMYs couldn’t get over Jimin’s savage response to the request as he replied, “Yes, thank you for your hard work!”

| @KACON_jin/Twitter

When the fan was asked to try again, they did the same line with “MArry ME, Jimin oppa~!!” After a few seconds of silence, Jimin hilariously responded, “See you next time,” as the time ended and the call finished.

| @KACON_jin/Twitter 

The ARMY even accepted their fate as, in the tweet, captioned the video, “Jimin never accepts it.”

While many found it hilarious, others raised concerns about fan call etiquette. Before the winners were announced and the calls happened, ARMYs wished that those who were lucky enough to chat with Jimin did so respectfully, focusing on his music, not their “delulu” thoughts.

Of course, the ARMY was having fun with Jimin, and the idol didn’t seem to mind. Yet, after watching the video, others fans couldn’t hide their reactions. While some couldn’t get over how blunt Jimin was being, others explained how embarrassed they felt for OP being “rejected” in that way.

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