This Popular Idol Was Voted As The Celebrity Who’d Make The Most Perfect Younger Sibling

Netizens voted for these top 8 idols.

Netizens took a survey to vote for which K-Pop idol they thought would make the most perfect younger sibling and BTS‘s Jimin won by a landslide!


Out of 16,118 participants, Jimin took a whopping 81% with 13,041 votes! Perhaps it’s his darling caring personality, sweet puppy smile, or just a combination of his long list of undeniable charms, but Jimin has definitely won the hearts of the voters!


Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon came in second with 2,368 votes! I mean, who can say no to his adorable visuals?!


Huening Kai came in at 3rd with 346 votes, proving that the maknae of TXT isn’t just a maknae to the group but for all K-Pop fans!


Next, SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi placed 4th with 195 votes!


NU’EST‘s Aron made 5th place with 89 votes!


IZ*ONE‘s Yena came in 6th with 53 votes!


Cosmic GirlsSeola placed 7th with 32 votes!


And THE BOYZ‘s Joo Haknyeon placed 8th with 21 votes!


But the fact remains… Having any of these talented idols as a younger sibling would be a dream come true!

Source: Tenasia


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