Here’s What Jimin Has To Say To ARMYs Who Can’t Afford BTS’s Paid Content

No money? No problem!

BTS‘s Jimin is kind and caring from head to toe — especially when it comes to ARMYs!

Not only does he watch out for the BTS members and staff on a regular basis…

…but he’ll also offer respectful and humble words to anyone in need.

In a recent Weverse post responding to a concerned ARMY, Jimin showed his true, sincere colors.

The ARMY revealed they felt guilty for being unable to afford tickets for a BTS livestream event and watched it illegally, but Jimin only had kind and reassuring words for them.

It’s all okay. Instead, please don’t hate yourself. No matter the reason, we will love you.

— Jimin


ARMYs were touched by Jimin’s thoughtful words for those who can’t afford BTS’s merch or paid content. However, there’s a deeper layer within the words themselves that show how considerate he is of his fans.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Jimin worded his responses to fans carefully, choosing words in Korean that would be easily and accurately translated by Weverse. Therefore, regardless of what language the ARMY speaks, they can instantly understand his comment.

You are the reason I live.

— Jimin

Jimin’s sweet and genuine words show that he’s a perfect role model for every ARMY!