ARMY Give BTS’s Jimin Hilarious Ultimatums If He Doesn’t Reply To Them…And His Reaction Is Priceless

ARMY are just as chaotic as BTS!

When BTS‘s Jimin can’t sleep, he does what he loves best: Hang out with ARMY! This time, he went on Weverse to respond to fans’ comments and update them on his life.

Jimin discussed everything from how excited he is for Jungkook‘s birthday to the new school semester that’s quickly approaching. Fans wanted a reply so bad from Jimin that they began to tempt him to respond with hilarious and adorable “threats!”

  • ARMY: “If you don’t reply to me here I will shave my head”
  • JM: “No way lol what do you mean you will shave your head LOL please don’t do that hahaha”

Fans teased all kinds of funny hairstyles…

  • ARMY: “Jimin if you don’t reply me as well I will turn my hair into mohawk style hehe”
  • JM: “No LOL I’m kinda curious about this one though hahahaha”

…and more hilarious things that made Jimin burst into laughter!

  • ARMY: “If you don’t reply I’m not gonna fart (I will hold it in)”
  • JM: “No but LOLLLL”

Finding everyone’s desperate comments cute, Jimin’s fun time with ARMY before bed was a success.

You guys keep keep replying saying you’re gonna shave your head and hold your breath (just) to get a reply LOL

— Jimin

Now we know the way to his heart is through laughter!