BTS Jimin’s Recent Weverse Live Broadcast Was Full Of Comments From The Biggest ARMYs In The World: Jin And J-Hope

From Beethoven to perms, the comments were full of chaos!

BTS might have millions of fans across the world, but when it comes to the biggest ARMYs, nobody loves BTS as much as the members themselves.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Whether it’s their solo promotions, activities, or just general life, BTS will always be there to hype each other up or just to show their support, even if it’s in the most unconventional way.

On September 27 (KST), Jimin surprised fans with a Weverse broadcast. After apologizing for not coming earlier, the idol revealed that he was going to be doing some construction with a kit he had bought.

BTS’s Jimin on Weverse Live | Weverse 

As expected, ARMYs were mesmerized and even when he wasn’t talking but focusing on the project, Jimin’s visuals didn’t fail to make an impact.

| Weverse

| Weverse 

One of the best parts of Weverse is that it isn’t just ARMYs that can comment on broadcasts. If the other members of BTS want to watch along, their comments are highlighted. for everyone to see. As expected, there were two members who couldn’t miss out on watching Jimin’s broadcast: J-Hope and Jin.

BTS’s Jin (left) and J-Hope (right) | @uarmyhope/Instagram

At first, when the comments started coming in, they must have been coming in so quickly that Jimin automatically assumed that V had joined (as he had in the last broadcast).

| Weverse 

Over the past few months, Jimin has been growing out his hair and it’s fair to say that netizens have been obsessed with the luscious locks of the idol. One of the first comments made fans LOL and was even trending.

Because of Jimin’s long hair, Jin commented, “What happened to your hair? Are you Beethoven sunbaenim?” The idol then suggested that Jimin play a game.

| Weverse

Yet, not one to be left out, J-Hope came along as well and truly cemented himself as one of the biggest ARMYs ever. Like Jin, J-Hope seemed mesmerized by Jimin’s hair, asking his younger member whether Jimin got it permed recently.

| Weverse

He didn’t stop there. Throughout the broadcast, he seemed as active as ARMYs in the comment section. Not only was he talking about the fact that leader RM had just posted, but he shared comments about what it was like watching J-Hope’s broadcast.

In particular, J-Hope melted the hearts of netizens when he wrote that whenever he sees Jimin, it makes his heart cozy.

| Weverse

When he was leaving, he also left a cute message for ARMYs saying, “borahae,” which means “I purple you.”

| Weverse

Of course, it shouldn’t be surprising that BTS will always try to find time to watch the other members’ content if they have time. It meant that not only did ARMYs love watching Jimin during the broadcast, but they got to see interactions with the other members. For many, it was like another taste of BTS’s group chat happening in real life.

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