BTS’s V Wants To Make A Much-Needed Update To Weverse After Jimin’s Recent Live Stream

The “King of Weverse” is on it!

BTS‘s Jimin recently held a live stream on Weverse, leading V to call for a much-needed update to the Weverse live stream feature.

Jimin | @j.m/Instagram


Jimin started the live stream by adorably trying to hide from fans, though his attempts were somewhat unsuccessful.

He went on to spill on several subjects, ranging from the music he is working on to his wisdom tooth and his tattoos. In fact, he revealed that he had recently added to his moon tattoo after being inspired by fanart that V had shown him.

V himself made an appearance in the live stream. Yet, due to a sad limitation on Weverse, he was unable to join the live stream itself, leading him to join through the comments instead. When he spotted him, Jimin was only too happy to see him there!

ARMYs were amused to see V having a whole conversation with Jimin through the comments…

…especially since it appeared to be the first thing V was doing right after waking up.

| Weverse via @vantetum/Twitter

While it would have been even better to see the two of them go live together, this is not yet possible due to the fact that Weverse does not yet allow joint live streams. Seeing as the members wanted to go live together, V decided that this is something that needs to change!

He told Jimin that he would request an update to the Weverse app so that the members would be able to have joint live streams. When Jimin questioned whether that was possible, V hilariously stated he’d make it happen…because he’s the king of Weverse.

ARMYs are in no doubt that he is, in fact, the king of Weverse…

…and are amused at the lengths the members will go to to be able to hang out together and with their fans.

Let’s hope V can work his magic and get his desired Weverse update soon!