Jimin Assigned Each BTS Member A Role In His Imaginary Hideout — Here Are His Hilarious Choices

Who’s the alcohol supplier? 😂

In a recent interview with Weverse, BTS‘s Jimin described his ideal hideout for the members. Choosing a basement den with a bar, pool table, and darts, he went for something that would allow the members to hang out and just chill. Check out the unique roles he assigned to everyone below!

J-Hope and Jimin | Naver x Dispatch

1. J-Hope

Jimin gave J-Hope the task of cleaning — which is a perfect match since it’s something he loves to do!

2. Jungkook

Based on Jungkook’s love of all things tech, Jimin assigned him the role of fixing computers.

3. RM

Jimin said that RM’s “existence is enough,” meaning that his only role is being himself! Maybe assigning him something would be a bit too dangerous.

4. Suga

Suga would be the alcohol supplier, in charge of getting everyone their favorite drinks! Could he be the bartender?

5. Jin

Jin’s role is none other than providing entertainment for the members. He’s so hilarious, they can just watch him and be entertained!

6. V

In charge of making everyone laugh, it wouldn’t take long for V to fulfill his role.

7. Jimin

Lastly, Jimin gave himself two very important roles: Ordering food and being the designated couch potato! Well, somebody has to do it.

Check out what else Jimin revealed in his interview below!

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Source: Weverse


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