BTS’s Jimin Reveals He Unknowingly Felt Resentment And Pain Through The Years

Here’s what helped him realize it.

BTS‘s Jimin recently sat down for an interview with Weverse Magazine where he opened up about excessively focusing on others instead of himself and trying to fix his problems on his own.

Upon hearing his words, the interviewer remarked that it shows how he tries his best for the people in his life. Jimin laughed and agreed, adding that he was simply being headstrong. He acknowledged that he couldn’t even take care of himself, yet he still tried to singlehandedly take care of everything.

Yes. I was just being headstrong, you know. Being headstrong. (laughs) It’s the kind of situation where people look at you and they might say, ‘You can’t even take care of yourself.‘ (laughs)

— Jimin

At present, however, he realizes that he didn’t have to go so far. He expressed relief at the fact that he now understands when to let things go.

But there were still a lot of points where I kept thinking things like that. Now I think I didn’t have to go quite that far. As time went by, I started to think, ‘Oh, I’m glad I can think about this now so I can let things that I should let go of, go.

— Jimin

In the past, his resentment and pain grew whenever he let things be. He chose to ignore those feelings instead of admit to them.

When I couldn’t let things go, my resentment kept growing. My pain, too. Rather than admit I had those feelings at that time, I’d say there were emotions in different situations that I came to unconsciously accept.

— Jimin

He concluded by sharing how time has helped him recognize the pain he was feeling. “I started to feel like I could see how much of a hard time I was having after some time passed.

Source: Weverse Magazine