BTS’s Jimin Proves He Never Ages With His New, Youthful Look In Recent Online Broadcast

He hasn’t changed at all these past few years!

Recently, BTS greeted fans for a 7-member online broadcast in celebration of the release of their newest album, BE (Essential Edition).

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

Soon after, Jimin began to trend for his youthful and cute visuals. Specifically, his new and adorable haircut made him look years younger!

Emerging with a fresh look, he reminded fans of how he looked years ago.

It’s hard to believe in a timespan of four years, not much about Jimin’s looks have changed at all.

Puma Fansign 2017 | @jamjam_kr/Twitter

During the live broadcast, he acted just as precious as always…

…and even learned he had a few new talents along the way, like simultaneously drawing a circle and a triangle with his hands!

From the moment he introduced himself as BTS’s member in charge of charm…

…he trended in various countries and languages worlwide.

You can’t blame ARMYs for being enthusiastic to see the boys all together again…

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…especially when Jimin is getting younger by the day!

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