BTS Wants To Meet Their #1 Fanboy, John Cena, And He’s Down For It

Jimmy Fallon offered to help make this in-person meeting happen.

Welcome to a new chapter in the BTS x John Cena saga!

But first, here’s a quick recap. Back in 2018, pro-wrestler John Cena was introduced to BTS through this photo of J-Hope.

At the time, he didn’t know who BTS were, but once ARMY helped him get up to speed, John Cena became a full-fledged fanboy.

Ever since then, John Cena has been loud and proud about his love for BTS. Once, he even reached out to offer his services as a bodyguard!

As fate would have it, BTS’s members happen to be John Cena fans. During their new Tonight Show interview with Jimmy FallonRM said that BTS would love to meet John Cena in person.

We want to see him. He’s a big fan of us, and we’re the big fan [of him], yeah it’s like, mutally, of course.

— RM

“He likes J-Hope,” Jungkook added.

“Yeah, he loves J-Hope,” RM agreed. “Yeah, we were always watching WWE when we were like 13, like 15. 

When Jungkook shouted, “John Cena!” everyone broke out into singing World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) music.

Jimmy Fallon promised to help BTS meet John Cena, and nobody is happier about that than John Cena himself! He well full fanboy on Twitter, and wrote, “Hope one day we can meet!” 

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