BTS’s V Confirms He Only Meant To Accompany His Friend To The Big Hit Audition + Explains What Happened To The Friend

His answer was sharp.

BTS‘s V has a unique audition story. Like many K-Pop idols, he attended a public audition. Unlike many of them, he had no plans to audition in the first place!


In an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, V confirmed the story of how he became a trainee in BIGHIT Music (formerly called Big Hit Entertainment). He traveled with his friend from their hometown, Daegu, in order to support him in his attempt.

Jimmy Fallon: V, is it true that you never actually intended on auditioning for BTS, you just went to the audition to support your friend?

V: True! Yes.

Previously, V revealed that the representatives were so interested in him, they asked him to try out for the company on the spot.

To me, a bystander said, ‘Do you want to give it a try?’

— V

He did not have an easy time as he had to show seemingly every single talent in his arsenal to the staff members.

V Pre-Debut

They asked me if I would like to try out so I said yes. I danced and they said do you have something else? I sang for them and they asked do you have anything else to show us? I beatboxed and they asked what else? I rapped and they said what else? I brought my saxophone and played it for them to which they responded do you have anything else to show us? It was then that I finally said no I don’t have anything else to show you.

— V

Jimmy Fallon asked a follow-up question that was on the minds of many fans: what happened to his friend?

V replied with a grimace, “He failed.” The audience, host, and his fellow members burst out into laughter thanks to the words he did not mince!

Talent, visuals, and impeccable comedic timing—it’s no wonder V was destined to be a K-Pop idol!

For more fun information about BTS, check out the full video below!

Source: YouTube