BTS’s Jin Writes A Sincere Letter To ARMYs With The Release Of His New Song “Abyss”

He went through difficult times.

BTS’s Jin recently released his new song “Abyss” along with a letter revealing his thought process while creating the song and the meaning behind it — and things got deep.

Hello, this is Jin.
Not too long ago, I said this during a press conference, “I don’t want to share my sad feelings with my fans. It’s because I only want to show the good things. However, if its music, then it’s different. I don’t want to share it through my actions but I think it’ll be okay to show it through music.”

Jin revealed he began feeling unworthy of the great success BTS was achieving.

Honestly speaking, I experienced a huge burnout and it was during that time that I got an opportunity to think about myself. After ranking #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, we received endless amounts of congratulations but I thought to myself if I was worthy to receive the praise…

He was encouraged to pour these anxious and confused feelings into a song.

As I looked deeper, I realized I wanted to let it all go because I was having a hard time. I received counseling for these feelings and just spent my days as normal. However, after speaking to Bang PD about it, he asked me how I felt about writing about my feelings into a song.

I didn’t have the confidence to do a good job and I also wondered “What if the end product isn’t good?” With those thoughts, I already came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t do it…Bang PD told me that none of that matters. However, he told me that if I decided to go forward with it, he was confident that I would do well and that he would help me find people who would assist me.

Upon meeting the composer for the song, Jin began to feel optimistic about the idea of expressing these difficulties through music.

That’s how I met the composer Gye Bum Ju hyung and that’s how my feelings came to life. He is a bright and positive person. He wanted to help me and told me “Let’s write about all the anxieties and if it doesn’t end well, we’ll just try again.” With his positive mindset, he helped me become brighter too.

After talking about many different topics, I was able to put my feelings into this track and share what I wanted to say through “Abyss.” That’s how this song came to be. I want to relay my thanks to Gye Bum Ju hyung once again. The song is a bit depressing for a birthday song but I felt that there would be no other time to release “Abyss” so that is why I chose to release it.

ARMYs, please listen to it well even though I know it’s lacking.
P.S. I want to thank our leader who wrote the lyrics to the chorus.

Listen to “Abyss” below.

Source: BTS Blog