BTS’s Jin Accidentally Slams His Injured Hand And His Members Can’t Hide Their Concern

They’re so worried 🥺

BTS‘s run at the 2022 GRAMMYs was nothing short of incredible. Their impressive performance of “Butter” and the many celebrities they met will remain in fans’ memories for a long time.

BTS performing their hit song “Butter” 

After the show, they held a live broadcast for fans, explaining how they felt about the results as they ate pizza and drank champagne.

Not long after the broadcast started, Jimin popped open a champagne bottle. The loud sound frightened Jin and caused him to reel backwards.

Almost immediately, V, who was seated beside him, gently grabbed his arm with a look of concern on his face. He was quick to notice that Jin had hit his injured hand.

The members worriedly took turns asking, “Are you okay, Jin?

Jin explained that he was so startled by the sudden sound, he accidentally slammed his hand on his knee.

I got scared so I slammed my hand on my knee.

— Jin

Jimin put an arm over Jin’s shoulder and sincerely apologized, saying, “I’m sorry.” But Jin simply laughed it off and admitted he had overreacted.

I got scared for no reason.

— Jin

BTS’s genuine concern for Jin is simply more proof that they aren’t just a K-Pop group—they’re family.

Learn more about Jin’s hand injury in the article below.

BTS’s Jin Wore A Cast on His Hand At The 2022 GRAMMYs, Here’s Why

Source: Naver Live