BTS’s Jin Addresses The Group’s Stance On Completing Military Service

Jin was more than ready to set the record straight.

Because of the many accomplishments that BTS has achieved worldwide and the positive attention they’ve directed toward South Korea, the members’ mandatory military service is always a topic of much discussion.

Despite the appearance of a new bill that could postpone the enlistment of the BTS members or other “exceptional” Korean celebrities, Jin addressed the group’s stance on military service during their global BE press conference.

As soon as a member of the press asked them questions about the military and a “Next BTS,” Jin immediately stepped in to express his thoughts on the former. “Let me talk about the military service.

Proud of his country, he stated that it was an honorable part of being a Korean citizen. “Completing my military service is my duty as a Korean.

Unknowingly addressing the talk of making exceptions for BTS’s military service, Jin shut it down. He announced that he would fulfill his duty like every other Korean male is required to do. “I will absolutely follow my government.

Jin also expressed the entire group’s willingness to fulfill their military service without any special treatment: “Not only me; all of us will respond to our military duty.

No matter how famous BTS becomes, they remain humble and don’t expect to be treated any different than their fellow Korean citizens—especially in government affairs.


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