BTS’s Jin Goes Viral For Looking Cozy And Sweet At The Airport

A total angel!

BTS‘s Jin recently returned back to Seoul, South Korea after finishing his individual schedules overseas. He has been in Los Angeles as the members of BTS are all currently focusing on their individual careers.

He looked slightly tired as his eyes formed an unfamiliar double-eyelid due to fatigue.

But apart from that, he looked as cozy and warm as could be!

He politely greeted everyone present, with his hair mussed. His skin was also makeup-free.

Surrounded by staff and guards, Jin made his way carefully out. He wore a brown jacket with a white T-shirt underneath.

His look was completed by blue jeans and a simple but luxe carry-on.

The epitome of the “boyfriend look“, Jin soon went viral for his simple but cozy fashion.

Not everyone can look this good in such a simple outfit.

| theqoo

His look was reposted onto community sites and quickly garnered tens of thousands of views.

Netizen reactions to Jin’s look. | theqoo

Everyone only had praise for the star!

  • “Everything is covered up and you can only see his eyes but he’s f*cking handsome. His outfit suits him so well.”
  • “He’s so lovely.”
  • “His hair color and outfit suits him to a T. How is it for real that you only can see his eyes but he’s f*cking handsome?”
  • “Even if you can only see his eyes, because of his smile and aegyo-sal, he looks so pretty.”
  • “His proportions are really good and his vibes are good and bright.”
  • “I mean, like okay, how can a human be so f*cking handsome, but also f*cking cute at the same time?”

Jin’s visuals certainly warrant some swearing! He really does look f*cking good! Welcome home, Jin.

Source: theqoo