BTS’s Jin Knows The True Power Of ARMY After Using Them To Hilariously “Threaten” The Staff On “Running Man”

ARMYs’ influence and power is no joke!

When it comes to some of the most powerful fandoms, BTS‘s fan base ARMY is one of the strongest. They are always active on social media, promoting the group, but are also ready to defend the members whenever possible.

Recently, BTS’s Jin made use of “ARMY Power” during his appearance on Running Man.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since debuting, ARMYs have been a huge part of BTS’s careers, watching them grow and gain popularity while supporting them during every high and low the members might go through.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Yet, it seems like BTS is fully aware of the impact and fear that ARMYs have when it comes to the people they interact with.

On November 5, BTS’s Jin finally made his solo appearance on the much-loved show Running Man. Throughout the episode, there were some hilarious moments between Jin and the cast, with things getting very chaotic with some games.


At one point, the teams were discussing the prize for the winners and what the losers would be getting. The staff revealed that the winning team would be getting jjampong, while the losers only got a basic lunch box.

After it was revealed that the losing team would only get a lunchbox, so Kim Jong Kook was shocked when they even revealed that there wouldn’t be any ramen for the losers.

It didn’t only seem to upset Kim Jong Kook, as even Jin was shocked by the simplistic meal the losers would get. In reply, the idol explained, “Ah, I’ll cry if I lose,” and Kim Jong Kook was the first one to comfort the idol, adding, “Aw, Jiniya….”

Well, it seems like Jin had something up his sleeve to guilt trip the staff, and it was all because of ARMYs. The idol knows that as soon as ARMYs hear of the “mistreatment” of BTS members, they’re ready to fight for their group. Well, Jin obviously knew that and made staff worried with his ultimatum.

Maybe I should write on my Instagram that the ‘Running Man’ staff were mean.

— Jin

Jin has over 41 million followers and Instagram, with them consisting of ARMYs and celebrities. A comment like that from Jin about the staff could be detrimental to the show.

When the video was posted, ARMYs couldn’t get over the fact Jin was using them as a threat on a popular Korean show. Of course, with his charm, those who don’t really know about BTS or ARMY can understand the idol was joking.

It isn’t the only time the “threat” of ARMYs has filled a celebrity with fear. Jin brought the power of ARMYs during an episode of Run BTS!…


Jin also appeared on Park Myung Soo‘s YouTube channel for a special video. While the two were telling a funny anecdote about their interaction in a toilet, Park Myung Soo seemed worried about the reaction if the story was told.

| 할명수/YouTube 

Although ARMYs love people interacting with the members, they also aren’t afraid to protect BTS with everything they’ve got. The fact that Jin understands this power and how it puts fear into celebrities is hilarious.

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