Walmart’s Listing Of BTS Jin’s “The Astronaut” Album Goes Viral For Hilarious Typo

If you order from Walmart, you might have to wait a while…

BIGHIT MUSIC recently announced pre-orders for the physical album of BTS Jin‘s solo single “The Astronaut.”

Several stores were given as options besides Weverse Shop, and American ARMYs flocked to Target‘s website, especially as there is an exclusive version sold with an extra inclusion. Yet, it sold out immediately twice. 

So, some decided to purchase through the alternative, the American multinational retail corporation Walmart.

An eagle-eyed ARMY noticed that preorder arrival would be way later than others. Rather than arriving in early December this year, it would arrive on December 1, 2049.

The tweet went viral with 8K likes at the time of writing. ARMYs were shook at the possibility and joked that it was due to it arriving from space.

Some joked that Jin would be discharged from his mandatory military enlistment (he hasn’t even left yet) before the album arrives, considering it’s two years max.

Still, Walmart might be a better option for American ARMYs because we all know how long Weverse Shop can be…

In all seriousness, we know it was just a typo. The preorder arrival date has since been updated to December 2, 2022.

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