BTS’s Jin Has Been Officially Named “Best Looking Man In The World,” And Here’s Why

He has cemented his status as “Worldwide Handsome!”

With his dazzling visuals, charming personality, and unrivaled charisma, there is no denying that BTS‘s Jin has rightly earned himself the right to call himself “Worldwide Handsome.” However, it now seems as if there is more proof to show that it is definitely true!

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/ Twitter

On June 29, a beauty website called Andrey Beauty Studio released an article titled, “Kim Seokjin is the best looking man in the world.”

The makeup and beauty experts at the studio conducted a study on 4941 male celebrities. They used a computer face contouring technique to select the most handsome faces from the perspective of cosmetologists.

Andrey Beauty Studio article | Andrey Beauty Studio

Unsurprisingly, Jin took first place! According to the article, the findings revealed that not only does Jin have the ideal oval shape face, but it is the shape that is seen as the most “ideal” for beauty experts.

Not only that but, by looking at the contouring of Jin’s face through the computer program, it was found that Jin’s face had a perfect shape, and there was no change in the features of his face with contouring technique.

Diagram of Jin using contouring techniques | Andrey Beauty Studio

| Andrey Beauty Studio

Jin topped the list of male celebrities on the website, beating actors Ian Somerhalder and Giulio Berruti, who took second and third place, respectively.

It is not the only time that Jin has been praised for his flawless visuals. After the article was released, Korean media outlets shone a line on other titles Jin has earned throughout the years. In particular, many outlets and global institutions have praised BTS’s oldest member for his “perfect” visuals and golden proportions during the past few years.

| Naver

Some of those titles include the World’s Most Sculptural Face, the World’s Most Perfect Face, the person ‘golden face proportions’ by plastic surgeons, KPOP Visual of the Year 2021, and many more!

As expected, Jin continues to prove why he is the epitome of “Worldwide Handsome” and why he couldn’t be more deserving of the title!

Source: Andrey Beauty Studio and Naver