BTS’s Jin Reveals His Biggest Achievement, And It Surprisingly Involves Bang Si Hyuk

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By being one of the most prominent groups globally, BTS has had several huge achievements since debuting. From setting records on almost a weekly basis, being picks as ambassadors for huge brands, and selling out some of the best and most renowned venues worldwide. Yet, it seems as if some of the biggest achievements might be closer to home.

The BTS members | @bts_bighit/ Twitter

BTS recently sat down with Vanity Fair and was challenged to see how well they know each other. Each member was given two questions, and the others had to try and guess their answers!

When it was the turn of eldest member Jin, one of the questions he was asked was, “What is one achievement that you’re most proud of?”

Suga was one of the first members to pick an answer before Jin even had the chance to write something down, and it was definitely something that ARMYs would relate to. He thought that the achievement Jin was most proud of is his face, and with a nickname like “Worldwide Handsome,” it is definitely something to be proud of.

If that wasn’t it, then RM‘s choice had to be the next thing that fans worldwide would’ve thought about, and even Jimin felt that it had to be correct. The group’s leader believed that the answer was, “That you’re a BTS member.

Yet, after Jungkook added that it was the fact he was born, Jin pointed out that he had to think more about his answer because of RM.

Unlike his shower song, the answer was related to BTS. Yet, the members had to think outside of the box. The members started simply by suggesting that it was when Jin wrote his own songs or created choreography, but it wasn’t quite right.

Yet, it seems as if Jin knew that the members would never be able to get the answer, so he decided to tell them instead, and it was definitely unexpected and involved former HYBE CEO Bang Si Hyuk!

You know, Bang Si Hyuk, when we got his acknowledgment and were able to call him hyung. I felt like it was an achievement.

— Jin

Although it might seem odd, RM pointed out that it might be more cultural, and global fans may struggle to see the significance.

In Korea, respect is key and particularly to those older. It was why being able to speak less formally was, as Jin described like, “When you can finally address your boss as a friend and not a superior.

For many, it is just another example of how good the relationship between Bang Si Hyuk (known as Bang PD) and BTS is, especially Jin! In the past, the group’s eldest member has made it known how close they are, from cooking together, wishing him a happy birthday, and more.

Bang Si Hyun and BTS’s Jin | Weverse

Jin’s answer shows that, despite all the awards and records in the world, sometimes it’s the humblest achievements that mean a lot. It also shows just how much respect and admiration the group has for their former CEO. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Vanity Fair