BTS Jin Sends A Special Someone To Attend A Birthday Exhibition In His Stead

The exhibition is one of the largest ever.

A large scale exhibition in honor of BTS Jin’s birthday was organized by fans. The exhibition would last three days, from December 1 to 3, 2023. Held at HiKR Ground, it spanned three floors and fans were given free admission as well as door gifts.

The scale of the exhibition was no joke, with ceiling to floor panels featuring Jin and a Christmas theme.

Jin ‘Story’ Exhibition. | theqoo

Fans could take photos with the giant electronic panels.

Jin ‘Story’ Exhibition. | theqoo

There was also a special space-themed room. Jin is known to love the outer space.

Jin ‘Story’ Exhibition. | theqoo

Various photo zones were set up.

Jin ‘Story’ Exhibition. | theqoo

Nothing short of the best for our “worldwide handsome.”

Jin ‘Story’ Exhibition. | theqoo

The exhibition was one of the largest fan-run events in the world.

Jin ‘Story’ Exhibition. | theqoo

Jin is currently serving in the military, meaning that he cannot leave the base as and when he wishes. Although he could not visit the exhibition that fans worked so hard to prepare, he sent a special someone in his stead! Jin contacted his older brother, who went to the exhibition in his place.

Jin’s brother uploaded the following message to thank fans.

Jin’s brother’s message on Instagram. | theqoo

I represent my family in thanking the people who really spent a lot of effort to secure such an amazing venue. My brother, who cannot easily move around as he is in the military base, contacted me. I participated in his place, and am conveying the thanks he told me to say through this post.

Thank you.

HiKR Ground, 1st to 3rd floors are all being used for the exhibition. From December 1 to 3, 10am to 7pm. Seoul, Jung-Gu, Cheonggyecheon-Ro 40.

— Jin’s brother

Be sure to make your way down if you’re in Seoul!

Source: Theqoo