BTS Kicks Off Jin’s Birthday With A Chaotic Live Broadcast

Jin Day is officially here!

Jin Day 2019 is finally here, and BTS are already celebrating it with fans!


On December 4 (KST), Jin kicked off his birthday with a live broadcast. He was soon joined by J-HopeJimin, and a yummy cake.


Shortly after Jin made a birthday wish…


…and put on his birthday hat…


RM joined the party. The members were all tired from their MAMA rehearsals…


…but you’d never know it!


Jin knew Jungkook was the next member to arrive before he even opened the door. Who else would be dinging the doorbell nonstop?


Jin guessed that the next (and last) bellringer was Suga, since he doesn’t ring bells very much, but it was V!


Together, Jin and his members played the 3-6-9 game, computer games, and more until it was finally time to say goodnight. They have a big day ahead of them at 2019 MAMA!