BTS’s Jin Makes Breakfast For Jungkook And V, And Here’s Why Netizens Can’t Get Over It

Jin is so thoughtful! 💜

BTS‘s Jin has always shown his love for his members by cooking for them, but the breakfast he made for Jungkook and V on In the SOOP 2 shows just how considerate he is.

BTS’s Jin | BTS/Weverse

On the finale episode of In the SOOP 2, Jin made guksu (noodle soup) for himself and Suga. The two shared the guksu and the pasta Suga had made.

| BTS/Weverse

Jin and Suga didn’t eat all the guksu, so Jin told both Jungkook and RM that they could eat the leftovers for breakfast.

RM got to the guksu first, so there wasn’t much left when Jungkook eventually came to the main house for breakfast.

After the last of the guksu was gone, Jin made more for Jungkook. While Jin prepared the broth, Jungkook cooked the noodles.

V walked in while Jin and Jungkook were cooking, so Jin told Jungkook to boil enough noodles for both him and V.

As Jin and Jungkook cooked, V entertained them by telling them what his father and grandfather had almost named him.

As V told his story, Jungkook brought the bowls of freshly-made guksu over.

As soon as Jungkook placed a bowl in front of V, V told Jungkook he can’t eat chili peppers, and he switched bowls with Jungkook. Only one bowl of guksu had chili peppers on it.

As they switched bowls, Jungkook asked, “Why doesn’t yours have chili peppers in it?”

V had the perfect answer ready for Jungkook’s question! He replied, “Didn’t Jin not add any knowing that I can’t eat spicy foods?”

V was right! Jin confirmed that he had deliberately kept chili peppers out of V’s guksu. He said, “Of course. I didn’t add any on purpose.” 

Jin’s consideration of V’s dietary needs and preferences warmed ARMY’s hearts, and they talked about the sweet moment on Twitter.

Jin cares so much for the other BTS members, and this moment is just one example of his thoughtfulness in action!