BTS’s Jin Makes A Special Cameo At The 2022 MAMA Awards While J-Hope Accepts The Group’s “MAMA PLATINUM” Award

“I’ll go and come back from the military well!”

Unsurprisingly, the 2022 MAMA Awards was a very successful event for the members of BTS. Along with J-Hope‘s epic performance, the group won multiple awards as both a group and individually, in the case of J-Hope and Suga with PSY.

Members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Along with the numerous awards of the night, BTS also won the “MAMA PLATINUM” award, which is given to artists who have won all four daesangs at once.

Unsurprisingly, J-Hope seemed very emotional during the speech.

Yet, if the speech wasn’t enough, J-Hope had a special gift for ARMYs watching, and it was none other than BTS’s Jin! J-Hope explained, “Jin hyung said that there’s something he wanted to say to you guys!”

J-Hope shared his worries that he thought Jin might not pick up, but luckily, he did and replied with, “OH! J-HOPE!”

Hilariously, when J-Hope explained that he was in the middle of his speech, Jin replied, “How could you call in the middle of that?!”

The idol then greeted fans and said how happy he was to be receiving such a huge award. Of course, the idol then got very excited by shouting, “ARMYs!” but also remembered to thank the members.

Hilariously, as J-Hope was ready to end the call by saying, “Love you, hyung,” Jin explained that he had more to say.

Yet, rather than talk about the award, he wanted to give well wishes to ARMYs, explaining, “The weather is getting colder, so please dress warmly when you go out.”

Jin finished by saying that although he wouldn’t be making an appearance soon because of his enlistment, he would come back soon and create amazing music for ARMYs. He explained, “I’ll go and come back from the military well!”

After the call, ARMYs got very emotional, sharing how much it meant to hear Jin’s voice along with their appreciation for J-Hope having to do these speeches alone after his performance.

Although Jin wasn’t there and he would be going soon, the idol wanted to interact with ARMYs at such a special event. Yet, despite being alone, J-Hope truly held the fort for the members and perfectly conveyed all the group’s emotions.