BTS’s Jin Wows With His IRL Visuals After Being Spotted Filming With Chef Baek Jong Won In Incheon

ARMYs are speculating what could be happening!

Although BTS might be taking a break from releasing group music, it doesn’t mean the members aren’t busy. The members have been busy with schedules from their upcoming Busan concert, collaborations, and variety show appearances.

In particular, member Jin has recently been spotted filming something, and it’s raised anticipations for an upcoming project.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Jin has always had a firm friendship with Chef Baek Jong Won. Over the years, Jin has shared pictures of himself cooking with Chef Baek Jong Won, whether it’s through variety shows with BTS…

Or on his Instagram account when they have some fun cooking.

Chef Baek Jong Won (left) and BTS’s Jin (right) | @jin/Instagram

Well, it seems like Jin and Chef Baek Jong Won might be cooking up something new together.

On October 10, Jin and Chef Baek Jong Won were spotted by netizens at Ganghwa Market, and the duo seemed to be filming some content. In tweets on social media, netizens shared seeing the two celebrities filming something inside the market.

Standing outside the market, Jin’s proportions shined and it wasn’t surprising that everyone around wanted to get a taste of the idol.

BTS’s Jin spotted filming | theqoo

Fans and netizens quickly wanted to take photos of the idol and even in low-quality phone pictures, Jin’s visuals truly shined and cemented his title as “Worldwide Handsome.” With his cute hair and wide eyes, Jin truly stood out as a celebrity.

| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo
| theqoo

Jin and Chef Baek Jong Won even took a selfie with the staff at the market, getting ARMYs excited about what content might be coming.

Jin, Chef Baek Jong Won and workers at the market | theqoo

Even though the duo was filming, it didn’t stop Jin from interacting with those around him. At one moment, a mom of an ARMY shouted that her daughter was a fan and Jin turned and bowed to her.

When the images and videos were posted, ARMYs unsurprisingly started trying to predict what Jin could be filming. Whether it was promotions for an upcoming solo release or an appearance on Chef Baek’s YouTube channel.

No matter what Jin is doing, with BTS’s Busan concert, Jin on Lee Young Ji‘s The Alcohol Diaryand now this, the group’s oldest member has a busy schedule coming up.

You can read more about Jin’s friendship with Chef Baek Jong Won below.

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Source: theqoo


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