BTS Updates ARMYs On Jin’s Condition During Their Latest Live Broadcast

They even had RJ plushies so he wasn’t missed!

On March 19 (KST), BIGHIT MUSIC announced that BTS‘s Jin had injured his left index finger. After receiving an examination at a hospital, he underwent surgery.

Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and Jin was discharged from the hospital. The statement announced that he is fully recovered, he will be taking time to rest.

BTS’s Jin

Of course, although the statement tried to reassure ARMYs, sometimes its more reassuring to have someone say it, and who’s better to reassure fans than BTS themselves.

The group surprised fans on March 19 as they appeared for a special live broadcast. Even though Jin wasn’t there, the members made sure the group’s oldest member was represented by his BT21 character, RJ!

When they started the broadcast, Suga explained that they wanted to do some broadcasts after the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL concerts. J-Hope then pointed out that Jin wasn’t there, and ARMYs assumed that it was due to surgery.

Suga then explained that Jin was resting, and Jimin added that the member was recovering well. Luckily, it was definitely reassuring, and J-Hope even explained that ARMYs shouldn’t worry.

In particular, RM wanted to give fans enough details that it would be impossible not to trust them. He explained, “(the surgery) was short and he’s okay honestly.

Even though Jin is recovering, he always has ARMYs on his mind. Jungkook picked up the RJ doll and explained that he was there so that fans didn’t miss Jin too much. Considering there were four of them, it was definitely nice for ARMYs to see them.

Jimin, J-Hope, and RM then shared their experiences with Jin and what he wanted the members to convey to fans so that they didn’t worry. What was even more assuring was this news came after the members had gone to see Jin and the words came straight from the member.

Jimin:  Jin hyung told us to convey his greeting to you guys.

J-Hope: He said he’ll go after putting in his soul here.

RM: On seeing him, he was doing fine.

When the broadcast had finished, fans shared how happy they were to be reassured by the members. They also appreciated that, despite Jin not being there, they made sure fans didn’t miss him too much.

Yet, it isn’t the first time the members have ensured to keep ARMYs informed. When V tested positive for COVID-19 and Jimin tested positive and had surgery, the members ensured that fans were reassured about their condition, no matter what. It shows just how much the members care for ARMYs to make sure they don’t worry.

You can read more about the initial statement about Jin’s surgery below.

BTS’s Jin Undergoes Surgery

Source: VLIVE