BTS’s Jin Proves He Can literally Do Everything In His Cooking Lesson With Chef Lee Yeon Bok

Don’t even get ARMYs started on his visuals!

It’s safe to say that BTS‘s Jin is definitely somewhere near the top of the list when it comes to idols who can do it all. Not only can he sing and dance perfectly, but he’s a top-level visual (Worldwide Handsome isn’t a name that comes easily) and is a trained actor. It’s safe to say that Jin can do it all.

BTS’s Jin

Well, it seems like Jin has added another skill to his already huge pot with the help of his bestie Chef Lee Yeon Bok. Since the duo met on Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator in 2017, they have cemented their status as true friends.

From left: Jin, Jimin, Chef Lee Yeon Bok on “Please Take Care Of My Refrigerator” | JTBC

Since then, they have shared pictures, including trips for food together…

And Chef Lee Yeon Bok even wished Jin a happy birthday on his Instagram account.

| @fuxtom/Instagram

Well, it seems as if the duo have reunited and are having some fun with something that Chef Lee Yeon Bok knows well: cooking!

On February 16, Chef Lee Yeon Bok shared some pictures of himself and Jin having a cooking lesson. In the post, the Chef explained he had been teaching Jin how to make spicy fish stew.

| @fuxtom/Instagram
| @fuxtom/Instagram

According to the caption, Chef Lee Yeon Bok couldn’t stop praising Jin’s abilities, explaining that it was “made really well” and was “delicious.” From the excited look on his face, while Jin was cooking, it must’ve been good.

| @fuxtom/Instagram

However, Jin being like #boyfriendgoals with his cooking skills wasn’t the only thing ARMYs fell in love with… it was his visuals!

| @fuxtom/Instagram

As soon as the images were shared, the phrase “HIS HAIR” started trending as fans couldnt get over Jin’s “Worldwide Handsome” visuals in a basic white t-shirt and long hair.

Of course, it isn’t the first time Jin has showcased his visuals or cooking ability. Despite his protests that he isn’t the best chef out of BTS, there is no denying that he isn’t seen as one of the best in the entire group.

Over the years, he has impressed ARMYs with his skills and ability to look amazing while doing it.

| Weverse

There is no doubt that Jin radiates pure boyfriend vibes with his visuals and skills in these pictures. Hopefully, when the members meet up again, Jin can cook his newest specialty dish for them.

You can read more about Jin and Chef Lee Yeon Bok’s friendship below.

BTS’s Jin Celebrates His Birthday With His Friend, Chef Lee Yeon Bok

Source: @fuxtom


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