BTS’s Jin Tried To Diss His Dance Skills At NYEL, But V Wasn’t Having It

He hyped Jin’s dance skills at NYEL.

BTS‘s Jin has his own personal protection squad, ARMY, and is the squad leader.

Before Jin signed with Big Hit Entertainment, he dreamed of being an actor. Dancing, vocals, rapping — he had to learn it all when he joined BTS.

Over the years, Jin put blood, sweat, and tears into polishing his skills, and all that dedication has paid off. BTS has some of the most challenging and groundbreaking choreographies in K-Pop, like “ON”, but Jin nails each performance.

At 2021 New Year’s Eve Live (NYEL), Jin playfully poked fun at his dancing, calling it “body movements” rather than true dancing.

Right away, V slapped him with love and support, refusing to accept this.

This isn’t the first time V has shut down Jin’s self-criticism. At a promotional broadcast for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, Jin said, “I don’t get familiar with the choreography as quickly as the rest [of the members] do.”

Don’t say such things,” V cut in, grabbing Jin’s hand.

Jin continued to protest, but V was not having it. “Okay,” Jin relented. “don’t be angry.” 

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