ARMYs Are Shocked By BTS Jin’s Dramatic Physical Transformation Since Enlisting In The Military

Netizens praised the healthy changes that happened in four months!

BTS‘s Jin has become a hot topic online after netizens for his dramatic body transformation over the last few months.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since debuting, Jin has always gained attention for his proportions as one of the tallest members of the group.

Yet, while Jin’s proportions have always been flawless, netizens have noticed a distinct change in the last few months after his time in the army.

In December 2022, Jin became the first member of BTS to enlist. From the moment he enlisted to finishing his training, Jin and BTS made sure to update fans on how he was doing through pictures and messages.

BTS Jin’s first update following his military training | BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse
| BTS/Weverse

While Jin looked hot AF in his uniform, more recent pictures show a huge transformation that has seen BTS’s oldest member bulk up.

On April 18 (KST), J-Hope was the next member to enlist in the army, and ARMYs couldn’t hide their excitement when the whole group was there to wish him well, including Jin.

Although the photo was sweet enough, BTS’s Jin gained attention for his transformation over the last four months. Netizens noticed that the idol seemed more healthy and muscular, with his frame filling out his uniform rather than seemingly drowning him.

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over how healthy the idol looked after four months in the army. It wasn’t surprising, considering the schedule involves proper meals and sleeping hours compared to the life of an idol.

A netizen shared a video about their reaction to Jin’s transformation, which was very different as they focused on the “bulk up” and shared their shocked about the difference in just four months.


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While many couldn’t get over how healthy Jin looked, others pointed out that the other members would probably have the same change. In particular, as leader RM is already known for his muscular frame, ARMYs joked that he would return like the Hulk, and Jungkook is also known to be working out a lot.

Along with his transformation, Jin has gained attention for his witty comments following J-Hope’s enlistment.

BTS’s Jin Has The Most Unexpectedly “Unserious” Message Following J-Hope’s Military Enlistment

V also shared that Jin was very much aware of his transformation, sharing a hilarious story about when they reunited, and you can read about it below.

BTS’s V “Exposes” Jin For Being Aware Of His Dramatic Physical Transformation In The Most Iconic Way


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