A Fan Edit Of BTS’s Jin Is Going Viral Worldwide, And Even ARMYs Are Shook By Its Popularity

“It’s just another normal day in the Seokjination…”

It seems like a week can’t go by without a member of BTS going viral for some reason or another. Whether it’s for yawning, starting a new dance craze, or something else, the members are always at the forefront of social media, gaining the attention of netizens and those who might not even listen to K-Pop.

Recently, one person who has literally taken viral to the next level is BTS’s Jin!

BTS’s Jin | @jin/ Instagram

At the start of the month, TikTok user @jinsthv posted an edit of the group’s oldest member. The clips were definitely enough to send ARMYs into a meltdown…

Even though the clip had a lot of interactions on TikTok, the video has recently taken over the internet again. This time, it was on Twitter. If the initial video caught the attention of fans, this time, it has gone even crazier, gaining attention and views on a scale that is almost unheard of.

On March 24, Twitter user @hobi_tutifruti reposted the iconic video with the caption, “SEOKJIN. NO.

Yet, although ARMYs expected it to do well and gain attention, nobody expected the scale that it really took over the internet. According to one user, the 13-second video of Jin managed to gain over 1.7 million views in less than 24-hours.

At the time of publishing this article, the video has over 2.3 million with nearly 100k RTs and 310k likes.

Engagement stats for the video of Jin.

If that wasn’t enough, even 24 hours after the video was released, the impact of the video was immense. The phrase “STOP LOOKING AT HIM” is trending worldwide as well as “THE LIKES” with ARMYs being in shock at how much interaction the video is having.

There are easily enough ARMYs worldwide to watch the video millions of times. Yet, the video has become so widespread that even “locals,” which is the word for those who don’t stan K-Pop groups but show interest in a group. ARMYs even joked that many locals were asking, “Who is that man?

When the popularity of the tweet was really noticed, ARMYs couldn’t stop sharing their reactions. While many weren’t surprised that “Worldwide Handsome” had gone viral over just a short clip, others still couldn’t believe how widespread it had gone.

Even the original user of the video was absolutely shook when they found out just how popular it had become.

Of course, Jin is no stranger to going viral. When he released the iconic track “Super Tuna” to celebrate his birthday last December, it quickly took over the internet so much that a TikTok challenge was even created.

| BANGTANTV/ YouTube   

With the views and interactions continuing to rise, could ARMYs be right to say the tweet has the highest statistics seen in a long time? It will be interesting to see just how much it continues to grow and spread worldwide.

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Source: @jinsthv and @hobitutifruti