BTS Jin’s Viral Hit “Super Tuna” Has Already Found Its Way Into Korean Variety Shows

“Super Tuna” is a cultural icon.

BTS‘s Jin did not expect “Super Tuna” to be such a huge hit, but the song’s popularity has continued to rise unchecked since he first dropped it as a surprise for ARMY on his birthday.

| @jin/Instagram

So much so, in fact, that even the South Korean government has joined the “Super Tuna” dance challenge, with the mascot of the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries doing the choreography to the song.

| ministry of oceans and fisheries korea/YouTube

But it has not stopped there. Although it hasn’t been long since Jin released it, “Super Tuna” has already seeped into South Korean culture, evidenced by the fact that it was even played as background music in a variety show!

The show, called The Fishermen and the City, features hosts Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu and celebrity guests who love fishing, and follows them as they seek out the best fishing spots while they get to know each other and bond.

Considering that the show is about fishing, and that “Super Tuna” was inspired by Jin’s love of fishing, it makes sense that the song would find its way there. But the fact that it was played unironically shows just how quickly it became a cultural icon, despite Jin’s funny attempts to stop it. Now all that’s left is for Jin to go on the show himself!