BTS’s Jin Is Regretting “Super Tuna” But ARMYs Can’t Get Enough Of It

“Super Tuna” is unstoppable!

When BTS‘s Jin released a song about his favorite hobby for his birthday, he didn’t expect it to get the reaction it did. “Super Tuna” is, after all, a trot song about tuna, since Jin loves fishing.

Fans everywhere immediately loved the song, with one fan even saying that they never thought they’d be streaming a song about tuna.

Funnily enough, now that “Super Tuna” has gone viral and inspired edits, memes, and even a TikTok dance challenge, Jin is asking fans to stop trending the song, saying that he’s embarrassed. Taking to Weverse, Jin hilariously said to please not do a dance challenge that he hadn’t planned.

But of course, “Super Tuna” is too fun and catchy to be stopped. It has continued to trend, leading Jin to make a second comment begging ARMYs and saying that there are other songs, and that if the trend continues then the company might make him do another verse!

Naturally, fans are having a lot of fun with this, saying that at this point there is nothing anyone can do to stop “Super Tuna” because it’s out of their hands…

…while others have hilariously pointed out that they ‘don’t need permission to dance‘…the “Super Tuna” TikTok challenge.

While Jin may be having some regrets…

…he can at least be happy that the surprise he prepared for ARMYs on his own birthday has made everyone happy. After all, it’s impossible not to smile while listening to the song and watching its iconic choreography!