BTS’s Jin Became An Employee For A Day And Had An Eye-Opening Realization About Workers

He had a taste of it.

BTS‘s Jin recently became an employee of Nexus‘s MapleStory for a day, and true to his job as part of the planning team, he came up with several ideas to add to the video game. With the help of HYBE’s staff, he even made powerpoint slides and presented them to his “superiors!”

After returning to being “K-Pop idol” Jin at the end of the day, he gave a short interview and reflected on the experience. He realized that there are many employees who are “living hard in the world.” This wasn’t the first time he had this eye-opening realization, but it still struck him.

Additionally, he saw the opportunity he was given as an honor, and he was grateful for having the chance to share his ideas.

I realized once again that there are lots of salaried workers living hard in the world. It was an opportunity to talk about what I thought would be good for this part. It’s such an honor, and I think it’s a good thing.

— Jin

Jin was then asked, “What was different from the company life you thought?

He admitted that he was surprised by how easy-going everyone was. Contrary to what he expected, they openly communicated with each other. It wasn’t a strict working environment, so it gave him the impression that Nexus is a good company.

I thought things would be more strict at work. Not just me, but they communicate and talk to each other. Seeing them talk, I think the company is very flexible, so I thought it’s a good company.

— Jin

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Source: YouTube