BTS’s Jin Finally Shares The Mystery Coca-Cola Selfie With Actor Park Bo Gum

It has been released after almost three years!

After years of waiting, the selfie of BTS‘s Jin and actor Park Bo Gum from the 2018 Coca-Cola advert has finally been released!

Jin released the photo on fan community platform Weverse with the caption, “Wow, I also have this which I took with a handsome friend on the set of an advertisement.”

| Weverse

The image was posted after a fan asked Jin if he could share some more photos from the day shown in a GIF. He then went on a posting spree treating fans to several selfies, including the Park Bo Gum one.

It has been almost three years since BTS and Park Bo Gum worked together as Coca-Cola models back in 2018.

During one of the scenes, Jin and Park Bo Gum take a selfie. Since the advert was released, nobody had actually seen the actual image of the two until Jin decided to finally post it.

After Jin posted the selfie, fans commented in excitement!

  • “I didn’t expect Park Bo Gum will be here on weverse hahaha, my both idol!”
  • “The Coca-Cola selfie is finally out! We waited for so long…”
  • “Actor Park Go-gum truly is soo handsome and standing next to WWH Kim Seokjinie…I’ve become blind! Too much handsome in one photo!”