First Photos Of BTS’s Jin Working In The Military Released

He’s working hard!

It’s been two weeks since BTS‘s Jin was the first member of the group to begin his military enlistment, and for many fans, it seems like it has already been much longer!


He enlisted on December 13, and his discharge date is set for June 2024. If you need any refreshers on the events that led up to and happened shortly after his enlistment officially began, you can get caught up on everything you might have missed.


A couple of days ago, the first photos of Jin in his military uniform were released, leaving fans in awe of how handsome he looked.

An official photo update of BTS’s Jin through “Trainee Sketch” | The Camp

And now, we have our first look at Jin as he works in the army as a responsible and dutiful soldier, still as handsome as ever!

If anyone thought that Jin would be getting preferential treatment due to his status as a top celebrity, it seems such concerns are unnecessary. In the photos, he appears to be working hard alongside his fellow military men while performing physical labor.

BTS’s Jin working during his military service

A more zoomed-out version of the photo was also released.

BTS’s Jin working during his military service

After the photos were shared on an online forum, fans of the BTS member were quick to share their compliments and affection for Jin.

  • “Seokjinie in a military uniform is cool”
  • “Handsome even when covered up”
  • “He suits the beret”
  • “This was an event that was happening thus media was there. He looks handsome”
  • “His army uniform fit is good. He’s seriously so handsome”
  • “The way this man is gonna be even hotter when he gets out because they bulk up in the military… 😮‍💨 Oof”

Only 532 days left to go until Jin finishes his military enlistment… And it will be well worth the wait, we’re sure!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa


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