BTS’s “Worldwide Handsome” Jin Is Flirting With Fans…And Himself?

He takes “Love Yourself” to the next level.

BTS‘s Jin is proving once again that he isn’t just Worldwide Handsome; he’s also Worldwide Hilarious!


Whether it’s on stage or online, Jin loves to entertain fans with his playfulness and wit. Recently, he made ARMY’s day with a surprise Weverse visit.

A fan shared a gif of Jin blowing a heart-fluttering kiss, not knowing that he would respond in the comments. They wrote, “A kiss that kills many people. Are you okay after getting this kiss? Hahahahaha.”  

| Weverse 

Jin replied with a smooching sound, “Mwah~” and a heart. Did that ARMY save a country in their past life, or what? (We’re a little jealous.)

| Weverse

Another fan flirted with Jin by dropping this leJindary pick up line, but Worldwide Hilarious would not be upstaged!

| Weverse

His hyperbolic reply is poetic, flirtatious, and yet another reason to ship Jin with Jin; “If I walk, even the desert sheds tears at my handsomeness so that an oasis will be created.”

| Weverse

Jin also gave advice to a fan who isn’t doing well in school. Check it out here:

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