BTS’s V And Jin Have Totally Different Advice For Students Who Are Studying

Time to hit the books..?

In many ways, BTS‘s Jin and are complete opposites…


…and they each have their own way of comforting fans.

V (foreground) and J-Hope (background)

An ARMY once announced that they would be temporarily exiting the Weverse app to focus on their studies. After all, school comes first, right? In their post, they shared memes of BTS’s members telling them to go study…

| Weverse

Beginning at 8:00! I’m going to close out of Weverse and do my homework! 

— Fan

…not knowing V would personally respond. He encouraged the fan to “study well” and cheered them on.

| Weverse

Recently, Jin dropped by Weverse to chat and do a little flirting with ARMY. He also gave advice to a fan who shared their midterm scores.

| Weverse

I messed up my midterms.

Korean 72 points

Science 35 points

History 10 points

Math 5 points

English 0 points…I messed up hehe

— Fan

Did Jin encourage this fan to get off the app and study? Nope! Instead, he used himself as an example for why they shouldn’t stress out about grades.

| Weverse

Although Jin and V encouraged fans in different ways, they both have fans’ best interests at heart. BTS just wants ARMY to live happily, no matter what their grades are!

BTS | Run BTS!/Weverse