BTS’s Jin Gifted Yoo Seung Ho A Coffee Truck, Even Fans Didn’t Expect This Friendship

Jin and making friends, name a better combo.

BTS‘s Jin gifted Yoo Seung Ho a coffee truck at the set of his tvN drama Memorist, and even fans of both celebrities didn’t expect this friendship.

According to an exclusive report from TV Report, Jin prepared a coffee truck gift for Yoo Seung Ho, which will be delivered to the filming location of tvN drama Memorist later this afternoon.

A source at the scene of the filming commented on the unexpectedness of the gift, but was also very thankful for Jin’s generosity.

We were surprised between the unexpected friendship between the two, which hasn’t been made public before. However, we are also very grateful for the World Star’s coffee gift support, and both the actors and the staff were able to gain strength and were able to film more happily.

— Memorist source

Yoo Seung Ho has also uploaded a post on his official Instagram account, thanking Jin for his gift.

World Star Jin. I drank the coffee well. From Seung Ho.

— Yoo Seung Ho

Netizens have been expressing their surprise at the friendship between Jin and Yoo Seung Ho as well.

Source: TV Report