BTS’s Jin Goes Viral For His “Godly” Body Proportions In New Airport Pictures

Netizens can’t get over his perfect proportions, and neither can we!

BTS Jin‘s tradition of stunning netizens with his natural visuals continues on! BTS recently appeared at Incheon Airport to board a flight headed to New York for the UN General Assembly. When they arrived at the airport, Jin quickly caught everyone’s attention with his unbelievable proportions!

Jin from BTS. | The Daily Sports

Netizens can’t believe how broad his shoulders are compared to his small face, a staple in Korean beauty standards.


His simple yet sophisticated outfit of a white t-shirt with light-wash pants perfectly complements his incredible good looks!

| Newsen

Netizens can’t stop praising Jin for his celebrity proportions, and we completely agree!

| theqoo
  • “36. His face is as wide as his neck. But then… his shoulders are like the pacific. How is this even possible?”
  • “37. I love Jin’s neck. It’s long and slim, but he has a prominent Adam’s apple that makes it unique. The way his neckline drops and connects to his shoulders, it’s beautiful.”
  • “39. You know… I think Jin was born with everything. He’s perfect. And it gets me every time how he’s so slim but his shoulders are huge.”
  • “40. I guess people who are born with that kind of body are the ones who debut and become celebrities. Man, what a godly proportion!”
  • “41. Oh my god, he’s crazy good-looking AND his body is too godly to be true. HE’S NOT REAL. T-T”

We wish BTS a safe flight to New York! Read more about BTS’s recent appointment as Future Culture Special Envoys below.

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Source: theqoo and Twitter