BTS’s Jin Wants To Take J-Hope On A Specific Type Of Trip So Badly That He Wants HYBE To Build A Resort For Them

JinHit Entertainment strikes again!

BTS‘s Jin is definitely the best type of friend to take a trip with!

BTS’s Jin | @BTS_twt/Twitter

BTS just released behind-the-scenes footage of their Holiday Memories photoshoot in a BANGTAN BOMB.


The video is full of great moments, like V talking about his holiday wish and Jungkook talking about when he realized Santa Claus wasn’t real.

One of the funniest moments from the BANGTAN BOMB was when Jin and J-Hope talked about skiing. During the photoshoot, Jin was pretending to ski, and he asked J-Hope if he wanted to ski. J-Hope said it had been a long time since he’d gone skiing.

J-Hope then revealed that he hasn’t skied since elementary school, and he wants “to do some legit skiing.”

Jin replied, “Let’s go some time, J-Hope.” He also asked J-Hope if he should book a trip to a ski resort for them.

Jin pulled out his phone and pretended to call a ski resort. He asked, “Hi, is this Big Hit Ski Resort?”

Considering how influential Jin is at HYBE and BigHit Music, we can totally see this ski resort being built someday!

See the full BANGTAN BOMB below.