Here’s The Exact Moment BTS’s Jungkook Stopped Believing In Santa Claus As A Child

Santa reading this: 😢

BTS‘s Jungkook just told the story of the time he figured out that Santa Claus wasn’t real!

BTS’s Jungkook | @archivesgguks/Twitter

BTS just released a BANGTAN BOMB from their Holiday Memories photoshoot, and the members all looked like they were in a winter wonderland.


They had tons of fun joking around together about skiing, the photoshoot’s set, and more.

The set’s holiday vibes reminded Jungkook of his childhood and when he used to believe in Santa Claus.

While taking a break from the photoshoot, he told the story of when he stopped believing in Santa Claus.

When Jungkook was a child, his dad used to dress as Santa Claus, and he even wore Santa’s long white beard.

Jungkook was sleeping before Christmas, and he felt the beard brush across his face. He looked up to see who it was.

When he looked up, Jungkook saw his dad standing over him while dressed in his Santa Claus costume.

Jungkook finished his story by saying, “From then on, I didn’t believe in Santa.”

While young Jungkook may have been shocked to learn that Santa wasn’t real back then, we’re sure he’s grateful now that his dad tried so hard to make his childhood Christmases special!

See the full BANGTAN BOMB below.