BTS’s “Jin Hit” Meme Just Came True — He Now Owns Part Of Big Hit Entertainment

Five years later, the “Jin Hit” meme is happening for real.

It’s all fun and games until a meme comes to life!

For years, fans have joked that BTS‘s Jin is not-so-secretly trying to turn Big Hit Entertainment into “Jin Hit Entertainment“. It began in March 2015, when Jin tweeted a picture of himself with this caption: “Hello, because I’m handsome today, please change this BigHit promotion sign.

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In response, Big Hit Entertainment temporarily changed their Facebook to Jin Hit Entertainment. Their tweet says, “Remember. 8:10pm. The time that ‘JinHit Entertainment’ was created and disappeared.” Little did they know that Jin Hit was here to stay!

All seven BTS members are now shareholders for Big Hit Entertainment, having acquired 68,385 shares that amount to, at minimum, $7.7 million each. As a shareholder, Jin now owns part of the company.

Fans are loving this leJindary turn of events. It just goes to show that what Jin wants, he gets.

First step: shareholder. Next step: CEO!