BTS’s Jin Wants To Be A Hot Grandpa

Considering he doesn’t age, he is guaranteed to be the hottest grandpa!

Recently, BTS‘s Jin released his solo photo-folio titled Me, Myself, and Jin ‘Sea of JIN island.


It included three concepts. Jin dressed as a sea captain, pirate, and fisherman.


BIGHIT MUSIC released the making film of Jin’s photo-folio via the BANGTANTV YouTube channel. He talked about his favorite concept of all…

In one segment, Jin reviewed the photos he had taken for the photo-folio. He admired how distinct the concepts were.


Jin did choose one photo of all as his favorite, though. He pointed to one of the sea captain shots because it reminded him of a meme.

I think this is our best cut. It looks like those viral memes… ‘My grandpa was a hottie.’ I like how it turned out.

— Jin


Netizens have gone viral before for sharing photos of grandparents from when they were younger, admiring their good looks.

My Grandfather in 1950 before deploying to Korea. from OldSchoolCool

Some netizens have even shared edits of celebrities, claiming it was their grandparents from when they were young. An ARMY famously shared a photo of V, saying it was her great-grandpa when he was 20 in response to another viral tweet.

So, we have a few hot grandpas in BTS!


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